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Highest Quality Products


Anyone who talks about quality means customer satisfaction. That covers everything that our customers perceive of us. All the interfaces, processes and the people behind them. That is why at Shavron we talk about an holistic company quality, which we practice internally and externally.


Our customers expect defect-free products and tailored services in consistent quality at the highest level. We also know that perfection and traceability are critical. So whether we are engineering components of any type or tolerance, everything passes through rigorous quality assessments using world class instruments like Mitutoyo surface roughness tester, digital microscope, Digimatic height gage with  data output, Digital microscopes and the most important “Statistical Process Control” , we have instruments which can record and print real time data and hence generating statistical reports to obtain traceability and top notch quality control.

Top Notch Quality


Quality and innovation are the supporting pillars of our company. Our customers  constantly face with competition, with which we want to support them as best as possible. For this purpose, the quality of the products and the processes in the field of consultancy, support and service have to be just as good as the interpersonal factors

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