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Highest Quality Machinery provides Highest Quality Products


Suite of Machinery


Our modern workshop is well equipped with the latest CNC Machines from the leading companies of the time which produces high tolerance components from a range of metals. And we are planning to invest in new machinery shortly so that we keep our place as leading, high-tech engineers. We work with all kinds of steels & their alloys, stainless steel,nickel alloys, Inconel , Titanium and other non ferrous metals like brass,  aluminium etc. And our clients cover many industries from automotive  OEMs ,aerospace , healtcare and scientific companies.

Utilizing advanced processes and cutting edge machining technology, we are uniquely positioned to ensure customer requirements are met in a highly controlled, efficient and cost effective manner

All our machines are calibrated to international standards being essential to quality which means we can certify machining tolerances on every component that we create. And that means customers get fully audited accuracy. 

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